Fund Raising – Equity Capital Markets

  We advise corporates and businesses of all sizes which are seeking to mobilize capital from investors in India and overseas. Within the practice, we provide opportunities for clients to raise funds through the following:
Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s)
Follow-on Public Offerings (FPO’s)
Qualified Institutional Placements (QIP’s)
Rights Issues
Preferential Allotments
Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds Issues (FCCB’s)
American and Global Depositary Receipts Issues (ADR’s / GDR’s)
  We assist innovative and exciting companies in accessing the equity capital market. We believe that our strength lies in identifying present and future market leaders, working with them closely in understanding and fine tuning their business model, and showcasing the investment opportunity to the right set of investors.

Some of our Successfully completed transactions are as below :-

M&A Advisory and Open Offer Management

The M&A team is engaged in turnkey transaction management and advises a diverse range of clients in medium to large transactions. Our key strengths include independent advice, deep sector knowledge backed by professionals with a range of training and experience that spans across multiple cross-border deals and our relationships with corporates of all sizes. We provides both buy-side and sell-side advisory services as part of our M&A advisory offering.

We are also one of the leading merchant bankers hired for managing open offers of listed companies. Our expertise includes coordination between various agencies, preparation of open offer document and public announcements, and liaising with SEBI, ROC and other relevant authorities.

Besides our Equity Markets practice also caters to the entire spectrum of capital market needs such as managing Delisting Offers, Buy Back Offers etc.

Some of our Successfully completed transactions are as below :-

Structured Finance Advisory
  Over the years, we have built up significant expertise in structuring appropriate financing solutions for client specific situations and identifying and placing the transaction with institutional investors. Our portfolio of solution comprises the following:
  Promoter Funding

Promoter financing is mostly done to enable promoters to raise their stake in the company. The financing is usually against collateral of shares or other securities held by the promoter in any of the group company. The transaction helps in unlocking the value of promoter shareholding by raising additional funds. It can also be structured to refinance a loan raised against the same shares by the client earlier.

  Acquisition Financing

There has been a significant increase in the number of acquisitions by Indian companies, both domestic as well as overseas. Acquisition financing plays a critical role in the success of inorganic growth planned by the acquirer. Based on each client’s unique requirements, we have advised on acquisition financing through appropriate stacked financing structures which comprise foreign currency senior secured debt with recourse to parent companies, rupee senior secured debt with recourse to parent companies, equity investment by the promoters, non-recourse debt, guaranteed mezzanine debt with equity upside.

Corporate Finance Advisory and Certifications

We are highly experience in managing corporate finance activities such as Scheme of Amalgamations, Mergers, ESOP Transactions, Foreign Remittance and Equity Placements etc.

We provide certifications / fairness opinions /valuations as required by BSE / NSE / SEBI /RBI /ROC and other relevant regulatory authorities.

Our strengths in this area include our vast experience with such activities, our quick and positive response to urgent needs of client and also our excellent financial modeling capabilities.

Some of our important clients w.r.t above are as below :-


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