Being a subsidiary of Aryaman Financial Services Ltd., our company represents and carries out the various fund based and secondary market activities of the group. We are hence involved in activities such as Trading and Investments in Quoted and Unquoted Securities, Underwriting Capital Market Issuances, Brokerage income from Equity/Debt Market Placements, and Market Making.

Core Products and Services:

Our business model involves fee based service activities as well as fund based trading and investment activities. The trading and investments business stream is an internal fund based revenue generating item and is process based, which has been explained above. Further, certain details regarding our fee based revenue streams are presented below:

Market Making

Market Making is the act of providing liquidity to scrips by way of two way quotes on the counter. For details regarding the history and other industry statics w.r.t market making please refer to and Our Market Making business heavily relies on our ability to judge the market sentiments of a particular stock and hence be able to gauge the risk levels involved in the same. Market Making activities are fund based as well as fee based. i.e. we earn a fixed fee for the market making services from corporates and further we strive to earn spread and other trading revenues from the same in the secondary market transactions.

Corporate Advisory and other secondary market transaction facilitation

Various large HNI investors, Institutional Buyers need to place their holdings through bulk and block deals with other large investors or institutions. Further these large transactions normally require brokers to help find counterparties as well as advisory services on execution such deals. We have been involved in this niche business segment as we believe that large transactions even though fewer in number are good revenue streams for advisory commissions compared to normal retail broking commissions earned. Our senior management team has the relevant industry networks and business synergies to regularly generate, execute as well structure such deals and hence we propose to continue this line of business in our company.  

Underwriting and other primary market transactions facilitation

Our Promoter being a Merchant Banker, we have been regularly involved in underwriting primary issuances as well as other deal execution and processing activities.  This business stream is also fund based as well as fee based wherein we earn fees based on fixed fee basis as well as on performance fee basis and further earn revenues from investments activity in case underwriting gets triggered. We use our network of HNI and retails investors to gauge the demand for a particular primary market issue and hence decide on the underwriting terms etc.

Key Registrations and Approvals:

We obtained the following registrations required for expanding our business activities:

SEBI Registration No. INZ000004739
BSE Trading cum Clearing Member No. 6514
NSE Member Id 90085
MCX Member Id 29435
CDSL DP Id 12086100
BSE Market Maker Registration No. SMEMM0651421122012


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